The lesser known Railway Luxury Lounge by IRCTC

luxury lounge by IRCTC

The luxury lounge at Visakhapatnam Railway Station by IRCTC is less talked and not many people know about this service. Opened on 14th December last year, this lounge is the answer to all the waiting situations and hunger cravings on the Railway Station. Located on the first floor on the platform number one and providing the travellers with a lot of services, this lounge operates 24*7 and is first of its kind in India.

Fully air conditioned hall with access to free WiFi is what attracts one and there is absolutely no discrimination in the passenger class. Collaborated by the Indian Railways, this luxury lounge is handled by the IRCTC.

The rate for initial entry (for 2 hours) into the lounge is Rs.150 + tax. Subsequently for every hour an additional Rs. 50 will be charged. The buffet breakfast is charged at Rs.150 + tax with a variety to choose from. The lunch and dinner buffet is priced at Rs.250 + tax.

Options of hot and cold beverages are available for travellers while they can feast on the vast menu of vegetarian and non-vegetarian breakfast and buffets. This lounge serves almost everything from soups and sweets to juices, Chinese and Indian cuisine along with an all day snack bar where local Andhra flavour is also made available.

Along with the delicious food, travellers can also relax on recliners for which they have to pay Rs.400 + tax and Rs 250 is charged for every extra hour. A spa is also maintained in the lounge managed by O2 with fixed timings. Train information display, television, toilets and baths, newspaper and magazines are additional benefits of the lounge.

Serving its customers quality food and services, the lounge has managed to get some regular customers and the feedback they get from the customers is always good. Visakhapatnam is the first to get this luxury lounge in the country while Howrah will  soon have one too.

The motto of Travel Food Services Pvt.Ltd. (the service provider) is to transform the traveller’s experience by providing luxury services. This is the India’s largest F&B retail service Provider with operations in India & Abroad. This company is based in all the major units of India like, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mangalore etc . IRCTC plans to provide airport-like services at the Railway Station as well and we are very impressed!

Images Credit: IRCTC


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  1. Why cant all major stations have lounges like this? Let irctc introduce a premium credit card where using card membership or loyalty points passengers can enjoy these facilities

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