TDP joins hands with YSR Congress in the no-confidence motion against Modi Government

Chandrababu Naidu, Amit Shah
Chandrababu Naidu

After pulling out the cabinet ministers from the union cabinet, the Telugu Desam Party may pull out of the NDA. The reports say that TDP might join and support a no-confidence motion by the YSR Congress against the Narendra Modi government.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on Friday held a meeting in Amaravati to decide and take a call on exiting from the NDA.

It was reported that most of the party’s MPs and MLAs have backed the decision to quit the alliance in wake of the deteriorating ties between the centre and the state and the members feel this is the next logical step in their fight for special status to Andhra Pradesh.

As reported by News 18, Chief Minister Mr Chandrababu Naidu is under pressure from YSR Congress chief Jagan Reddy, who has allegedly dared him to pull out of the alliance.

In addition, reports also say that the YSR Congress Party will move the no-confidence motion against the NDA government in Parliament on Friday. Also, the YSRCP has decided to take lead in the matter as the public is associating the issue with Telugu pride and it has become a hot election topic.

However, with the BJP government, which is enjoying an absolute majority in Lok Sabha, the central government is under no threat of collapsing.

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