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130 plant species geotagged on GITAM Visakhapatnam campus

130 plant species geotagged on GITAM Visakhapatnam campus

On Wednesday, 18 January 2023, GITAM, Deemed to be University, geotagged the trees and shrubs on its Visakhapatnam campus in a…

2 months ago

GITAM University lands acquired by Revenue officials in Vizag over alleged encroachment

For the second time, GITAM, Deemed to be University from Vizag, has made the headlines due to its alleged illegal…

3 months ago

Vizag gears up for a laughing riot with Kenny Sebastian

As we enter the month of Christmas, the merry festivities are all set to kick off on a funny note…

4 months ago

7 personalities from the Telugu Film Industry who are GITAM alumni

In its 40+ years of experience, GITAM University has welcomed students from all over the country and offered a variety…

2 years ago

Exclusive: Founder of the new exciting Vizag-based startup Deltanow

Necessity is the mother of invention. With the dot-com bubble, the world witnessed a compelling longing to adapt in order…

2 years ago

A former student of GITAM shares a note on how dearly he misses his college life

College life is perhaps the most memorable phase in the lives of many individuals. From the innumerable philosophical talks shared…

5 years ago