Sushma Swaraj rescues stranded Indians in Yemen

Sushma Swaraj is a savior for every Indian who is in foreign land and stuck in some problem. Recently she was in the news for evacuating Indians from Yemen which is war torn at present. Every Indian in Yemen returned back safely due to the efforts of the Ministry of External Affairs headed by Sushma Swaraj. After evacuating Indians, the Indian Government released a cautionary advisory for people traveling to Yemen. One Indian vessel ignored this advisory and was stuck in the Aden, Yemen and what happened next is an example of Shushma’s quick actions and helping nature.

Subrat tweeted an SOS to Mrs. Swaraj whch said,” SOS @SushmaSwaraj , pls help me & my wife repatriate India from Aden, Yemen. I am chief officer in indian vessel Jag Prabha, stuck in Aden”.

As always, Sushma swung into action and took measures to understand his situation. She tweeted back saying,” What is the number of Indian nationals on the ship ? @AXssProhibited”. She also further asked,” Do we have an Indian Navy Ship close by ?”.

The Naval officer Subrat informed that the stranded ship was Indian and that there were 23 Indian nationals aboard ship. He requested that the travel advisory be relaxed for some time so that he can be rescued. He tweeted,” @SushmaSwaraj if MEA grant one time relaxation to Yemen travel advisory then my relievers can come & replace us”.

It took no time for Sushma to make arangements  for the stranded Indians in Yemen and she tweeted to the Indian Navy saying,” Please rescue Indian nationals from this ship in Aden (Yemen)”. She tweeted,” I have requested my colleague @manoharparrikar ji to rescue Indian nationals from your ship. /1 @AXssProhibited”.

That was it and all the Indians were rescued safely from the stranded vessel. However, sushma Swaraj did not forget to give scolding to the Naval Officer and she tweeted,” You know the situation in Yemen. You acted contrary to our advice. You want more people to land in your situation ? @AXssProhibited”.

That is how Subrat learned a lesson and all the Indians were saved from the war conditions in Yemen.




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