8 healthy foods you should have during the summer

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food items one should have during summer

Every year, the scorching heat of summer makes us feel restless, dehydrated and fatigued. This situation can be bettered with a few of the ‘in-season’ foods, which help with hydration, vitamins and required minerals. We’ve got you covered with a few suggestions that can be added to your platter this summer. These suggestions, if included in your food diet, will assist your overall fitness and health.


This juicy delight is a treat to your taste buds and healthy as well. When consumed, it not only rehydrates our body but also makes us feel full because of its high water content. It contains Vitamin C, B6 and the antioxidant Lycopene, which prevents cancer and heart diseases.


Ice Apple, famously known as ‘thaati munjalu’, is one of the most popular fruits in South India. It is rich in Phosphorus, Vitamin A, B and C, and Iron, which make it a healthy fruit. It also helps in cooling our body during the scorching summers. To add to the perks, given its low-calorie count, it also helps put weight in check.


Adding tomatoes to our food not only makes the dish look colourful and tasty but also gives us the right amount of vitamins, phytochemicals and antioxidants.


Dried or fresh, the fruit will make any foodie fall for its sweet and tangy taste. The chewy fruit is not only appetizing but also has multiple nutritious benefits which pertain to good digestion, flawless skin.It also acts as a great deworming agent.


The fruit provides us with Vitamin C which protects the cells from cancerous damage  Guava helps in preventing bacteria which spread illnesses like Dysentery, Diarrhea and other chronic diseases.


Having curd will help the body to stay cool and refreshed. One can also have variations of curd such as sweet lassi or buttermilk and raita.


Corn provides vitamins which help in protecting our eyes and skin from ultraviolet rays. It is rich in  Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Roasted corn with a pinch of black salt, red chilli and a few drops of lemon, is considered to be a favourite food, especially near the beach.


This fruit is important if you want to maintain better vision, brain functions and controlling sugar levels in the blood.

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