639 nails removed from a 48-year-old man’s stomach in West Bengal

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In a rather bizzare incident, a 48-year-old man in West Bengal was operated to remove around 639 nails from his stomach. The operation, which lasted for about 2 hours, took concerted efforts from the doctors in Calcutta Medical College to save the patient’s life. It has also been learned that magnets were used in order the remove the nails that weighed nearly one kilogram in weight.

The man was suffering from schizophrenia and had swallowed the nails over a period of time. One of the doctors, Dr Siddarth Biswas, was quoted by India Today saying, “The patient came to me with complaints of upper abdominal pain and vomiting. After doing endoscopy, we found the stomach was totally filled with nails, which was later reconfirmed by the X-RAY scans.”

The doctor added that 639 nails, each about 2.5- inch long, were recovered from the man’s stomach. The doctors even found a lot of mud in the stomach and are entertaining the possibility that he could have swallowed the nails along with the mud. Dr Biswas, however, confirmed that there are no more nails in the man’s stomach and his condition is stable.

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