Sophia takes centre stage at the Vizag Fintech Festival

Sophia, vizag
Sophia at Vizag Fintech Festival

After disappointing many enthusiasts for not being able to make to the Vizag Fintech Festival on the expected dates, world’s first social humanoid robot Sophia arrived in the city on Wednesday. Occupying the centre stage at the event on Thursday, Sophia interacted with IT Minister Nara Lokesh and the media, much to the thrill of the audience.

Answering a question from Yo! Vizag that asked Sophia about her favourite interaction, the robot said, “I have had so many amazing experiences that it is hard to choose just one. I got to tell jokes on stage with Jimmy Fallon and even gave a speech at the UN. I think my favourite thing though is meeting kids from all over the world.”

Sharing her opinion on the blockchain technology to a reporter from Sakshi, Sophia said that the technology was an extremely intriguing idea. “I love the idea of having a ledger that is very secure and available to everyone,” she added. Also, Sophia, while explaining to a reported from TOI, told that she loves events such as the Vizag Fintech Festival as she gets to meet new people and know new ideas about how humans and robots can make a better future.

Taking another question from PTI, which asked her what was she made up of, the humanoid robot explained that she was mostly made up of Silicones, Plastics and Carbon Fibres and she could use Artifical Intelligence to grow and know about the world.I want to come back again sometime once I have a wet suit so that I can go to your amazing beaches.

Much to the delight of the city, Sophia even shared her experience of being in Vizag. Answering a question posed by The Pioneer, she said, “I’m so excited to be here. I want to come back again sometime once I have a wetsuit so that I can go to your amazing beaches.”

The robot shared her thoughts on the raging debate of the security of human jobs in the age of robots. Speaking to Andhrajyothi, Sophia said that robots will not just change the types of jobs people do. She added that robots can take over the dangerous and repetitive jobs so that humans can do the fun and create jobs, spend time with their families or go the beach.

Earlier, in her interaction with the IT Minister, Nara Lokesh, Sophia said that robots can be used to reduce the miscommunication between citizens and governments. The Hong-Kong based robot also hailed him for being a visionary leader and wished to see him again in 2019.

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