Sankranti Prep – Til Gul Recipe


It’s January and all we can think about is the sweets we will have in Sankranti. While the festival is celebrated all over the country under different names, it’s also called Pongal in South India while Punjab celebrates it under the name  of Lodhi. Sankranti is a typically Indian festival that is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. Being the first festival of the year, lots of preparations are done and the sweets made in this festival can hypnotise us for a week long.

The famous ‘Til-gul” is made in almost every home and distributed among family and friends. This delicious sweet is prepared from sesame seeds and grated jaggery. It is easy to make and healthy. The easiest way to make it is given below. Follow the recipe and make your neighbour go crazy over the aroma. As the Marathis say,”Til gul ghya ani good good bola,” which means have til-gul and utter beautiful words.


250 gms sesame seeds {til}

300 gms jaggery {grated}

2 table spoons ghee


Roast the sesame seeds in a dry pan till they turn golden brown and keep aside.

Cut or pound the jaggerry to make it fine.

Grind the roasted sesame seeds for 5 seconds in a blender.

Heat the ghee in a medium sized pan.

Add jaggery and heat it till it melts completely.

Add powdered sesame seeds simultaneously while stirring the jaggery and mix it well with the jaggery.

Remove the pan from heat and quickly form the mixture into medium sized laddoos. Voila.

Feature Image Credit: ruchiskitchen

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