Question Papers Leaked Via Social Media In Visakhapatnam

Question Papers
Question Papers Leak Vizag

Cyber Security officials in Visakhapatnam are seeing a rise in misuse of social media like Facebook and WhatsApp in the city. Apart from harassing people online and spreading vulgar messages, the social media platforms are being used to leak question papers of school examinations.

The question paper of Class XI Social Studies exam was recently circulated through WhatsApp in Vizag. A week before that, the SSC English question paper-1 was circulated in Khammam. However, Visakhapatnam District Educational Officer reportedly stated that no complaint has been lodged about these incidents yet as they wanted to deal with the matter once the exams are done. They have further restricted usage of phones near examination halls as a precautionary measure.

The question papers have been expected to be leaked as the state government plans to use the marks of Class VIII and Class IX in the Class X examinations from the 2018-19 academic year. The Cyber Security officials however stated that there have been no official complaints against the misuse of WhatsApp in the city. 15 cases were booked last year against misuse of Facebook.

Facebook was mostly used in the past to tarnish the image of another via fake accounts. It was reportedly most scorned lovers who would create fake accounts and insult their exes. The officials blame easy access to smart phones and internet for the rise in such cases. A police officer confirmed that it is not just a crime to abuse and harass people online, it is also a crime to share and forward such abusive messages.

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