It’s your Pet’s Diwali too!

pet care

Diwali, the festival of lights…oh sorry!  It’s the festivals of noise and pollution nowadays. Our whole family gathers during this season to enjoy the festivities together, but aren’t we all becoming a little selfish? We completely forget about our beloved furry, wet-nosed friends.

Our pets can easily get intimidated during Diwali, what with the crackers and the noise and pollution it brings along that cause harm to our pets. This Diwali, we bring you a set of pet care tips which can make your pet’s Diwali a peaceful and happy one.

1-Buy ear muffs for your pets and save them from the noise produced by the crackers.

2-Keep your doors and windows closed once people start bursting crackers.

3-Keep your pets away from sweets, puja materials and diyas.

4-Keep the first aid ready for any burns and also medicines for anxiety.

5-Make your dog exercise during the quiet intervals.

6-Make sure your dog doesn’t linger on the road, keep an eye on him.

7-Even after the bursting of crackers is done, make sure your dog doesn’t linger, the remnants of crackers can also be poisonous if they lick it.

8-Engage them in small games which they can enjoy.

9-Last but not the least; take care of the strays as well. Keep a bowl of fresh out water for them and do not shoo them away if they run into your house scared.

Let us all be a little responsible and celebrate Diwali how it is meant to be celebrated, with diyas and lanterns.

Happy Diwali!

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