Keep Calm and Eat Parle-G

Parle G Factory
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An 87 year old Parle-G factory, which had become synonymous with the Vile Parle station is being shut down. However, it has been clearly stated that the factory outlet is being shut down but not the brand due to gradual diminishing production output which has been negligible in the last few years. Having been shut down for the past few weeks it’s now time to shut the doors of Parle-G factory at Mumbai permanently.

The owners have also decided to sell the land which has not only served as the first factory of Parle but also as the Parle Products Headquarters.  It is also clear that the closure of this factory outlet will not impact the production capacity of the Parle products which are presently available at more than 60 lakh outlets throughout India.

Having the words “Parle-G” and “Shut down” used together on the social media made many of the cookie fans mourn. On the brighter side the Parle –G itself confirmed on its official Facebook page that the shutdown of this 87 year old factory at Vile Parle does not mean that the taste of Parle G is not available any more.

Parle G Factory

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