Monkey Business all the Aay!


Today is Monkey Day! December 14 is annually celebrated as Monkey Day. So stop monkeying around, screaming, grunting, picking fleas like a monkey! Take a moment to celebrate, participate and rejoice all things primate. I know, I know, you must be wondering “where did the Monkey Day come from?” Well, the true origins of Monkey Day are cloaked with mystery. Some say that the Some say that the Monkey Day movement began as a tool to further the awareness of primate species and habitats. Others say that Monkey Day began as a scientific backlash to all of the religious holidays permeating the month of December, an evolutionary finger to the creationist holidays. Still others say that the concept for Monkey Day was brought on by the drunken debauchery of several young hooligans with a special affinity for monkeys, spending the first Monkey Day taunting their simian virtues and screaming obscenities at the local pub. Whatever the conception, Monkey Day has certainly evolved beyond any simple beginnings into a greater movement.

Talking about monkeys, did you know that the primates are divided into three groups? The Old World Monkeys, the New World Monkeys and the Apes. To tell whether a primate is a monkey or an Ape, look for a tail! All monkeys but Apes, have a tail.

Being a descendent of monkeys, don’t you think party toh banti hai? So dress in your favourite primate attire, talk like a monkey, send some monkey greetings, throw a monkey themed party or maybe even give to your favourite primate charity! While you are at it, do not forget to indulge in some mischievous monkey business!

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