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VSPCA - For the love of animals - NGO

Bruised, maimed or abandoned, there are no unwanted animals at the VSPCA, an organisation that works relentlessly for the rights of our four legged friends.

Stray dogs are the first animals one encounters as soon as they step foot into the shelter. Deformed and abandoned, these animals haven’t lost the unconditional love they are famous for. Wagging their tails and barking simultaneously, this is the welcome one receives from the hundreds of dogs that have made VSPCA their home.

The Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals (VSPCA) has been a guardian of animals for many years now. Rescuing blind, old and injured animals and birds, this animal welfare organisation provides them with the much-needed shelter and sustenance. Founded by Pradeep Kumar Nath in 1996, VSPCA runs two shelters in the city – one in Madhurawada and the other in Devarapalle.

The shelters are home to many dogs, cats, birds, cows, monkeys, star tortoises, horses, emus and even pigs. The only animals that are rescued and set free after; are the wild animals and snakes. While housing the many rescued animals in the huge shelters with a limited staff and volunteers isn’t an easy task, VSPCA has been at it since the past many years.

Having undertaken many programmes, the most memorable works of the VSPCA however remain their Olive Ridley sea turtle protection programme, making the city rabies free, fortune teller parrot liberation among others.

People don’t like it when I point out the fact that they’re causing harm to animals in the name of religion,

says Pradeep, as he details how they have also added their bit towards the upkeep of the many calves donated to the Simhachalam Temple.

VSPCA looks after the 4000 calves that come in per month and use the dung and urine of the rescued cows for organic farming at their shelters. They are also in the process of getting reliable farmers to utilise the cows for farming and look after them well. Additionally, VSPCA has been in the forefront of the struggle to stop the killing of strays.

With future plans including a new shelter in Narsipatnam, the VSPCA hopes to create a revolution where people feel responsible for the welfare of animals and start treating them the way they deserve to be treated – with respect.

To know more, donate or report an injured animal/animal abuse, head over to their website –

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