Middle Child Day – A List of Middle Child Problems

Middle Child
Middle Child - Image Credit - anneloucvms

Having been sandwiched in the center of the family is the child who definitely deserves Middle Child Day, the one day on which you would be in the limelight and unforgotten. So here are five struggles you face on a daily basis and can relate to!

Middle Child

Middle Child Syndrome

First things first, having an entire syndrome named after you! The “Middle Child Syndrome” is the feeling of exclusion and isolation so, pity yourself! (Don’t)

Middle Child

Never New Clothes

You always get the hand me downs, the oldest gets everything new and they get too worn out to be passed on to the youngest after you’re done with them, so they get new ones as well.

Middle Child

Do I even Exist?

It’s a constant feeling running in your mind. The eldest gets special attention for being the first kid of the family and the youngest attention seeker for being the baby, you are the non existing child of the family.

Middle Child

Victimized to do more chores

The older child is busy being old and the younger child busy being young, you are the one who has to carry on chores.

Middle Child

The Unforgettable Day

The day when the things started to change, the day the youngest was born & your life turned to hell!

Middle Child

But on the brighter side all this means you could get away with lot more, as the older one gets to be responsible and the younger one gets endlessly babied, which means, you get to do whatever the hell you want unnoticed. #MiddleChildSwag

*Feature Image Credit: anneloucvms

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