7 gifs that describe the honest reactions while driving on Vizag’s roads

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Recently, ace director SS Rajamouli was all praise for the spick and span roads in Vizag and also appreciated VUDA for doing a commendable job. While it is absolutely true that many of our roads are maintained in an immaculate order, it is the traffic congestion and other typical scenarios that get us irked on several occasions. From getting stuck in an untimely traffic-jam to calling out on someone to switch off their headlight, here are 7 honest reactions while travelling on Vizag roads.

#1 A pedestrian’s reaction when you honk at him/her


#2 When your bike stops while riding an up-slope

#3 When you watch your friends get caught by traffic police

#4 When you see someone riding a bike with the side-stand on

#5 When your friend tells you that he/she got an e-challan

#6 When you experience a bumpy ride in a “share auto”

#7 When you come home after driving through the traffic at Jagadamba

PS-This article is pure humour related and not to offend or hurt anyone. And yes, ride safe!

GIFs from tenor and giphy

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