6 GIFs that explain the reactions in Vizag during a cyclone

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What would you like to have for breakfast? Idli? Dosa? Paratha? a CYCLONE, maybe? Delve further into the dank space of the people in Vizag and you would probably know what we are talking about!

With a long coastline that is neighboured by depressed waters, Vizag has its own tryst with cyclones. While a few just bring along some welcome showers, others throw the city out of gear, leaving behind some bitter memories. Now that we are (almost) over with the latest Cyclone Phethai, here is a fun post that anyone living in Vizag would relate to during a cyclone in the city.

#1 When you come to know that the Bay of Bengal is depressed once again

#2 When the depression intensifies into a deep depression

#3 When there’s a cyclone warning given to Vizag

#4 Watching the sea during a cyclone

#4 When your college/office doesn’t declare a holiday

#5 Chilling at home while watching weather updates on TV

#6 When the forecast predicts heavy rainfall, but the sky turns out to be all clear

PS: This is a fun post and doesn’t intend to hurt the feelings or sentiments of anyone.

GIFs from Tenor

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