Life In A Fishnet


Weaving fishing nets and sailing out to fish on a good day, S Ellaya shares about his life with the Yo! Vizag team.


I was born in a family with limited means. I started working here when I was a young boy and now I am 50 years old. My ancestral profession of weaving fish nets has been my income ever since. For generations, my family has worked in this very same spot. I have a bond with this place; in my extreme moods, I choose to come and sit here. It pacifies me.

On a typical day when the climate is good, we take our nets and go fishing. If we are lucky, we get a good number of fish, otherwise we try again the next day. We know that the income is not assured and is based on sheer luck. Hence, we always believe that tomorrow has something good in store for us.

I love senior NTR and I have watched all his movies. Our whole community supports TDP and the party has not let us down. Sometimes I get to visit other places related to my work. I have been to Bombay and it is a beautiful place. The tall multi-storeyed buildings were a fascinating sight for me.

I never went to school because back then the issue of education itself was non existent and there wasn’t any school in my locality; but I had an urge to study. At that young age, I made a promise to myself to never allow the same to happen to my children.

I have two children, a son and a daughter. My wife passed away a few years ago. Both my children are married and I have a grandson as well now. I live with my son’s family. I did not let my son continue with this profession. My son completed his high school and works in a paint shop and earns better than me. I hope my grandson will be more educated than my son and reach higher standards.

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