‘India A Civilisation The World Fails to Recognise’ is Reaching Indian Hearts All Around

Presenting the book to the Indian High Commissioner, his excellency Dinesh K. Patnaik in London

Nitin Mehta, the author of Educreation Publishing, has received appreciations from the two renowned personalities of India – Maneka Gandhi, Cabinet Minister and Dinesh K. Patnaik, Indian High Commissioner in London. Through the miracle of self publishing, the glory of India, which has been well described in this book, is now reaching to the people worldwide.

Nitin Mehta, born in Kisumu, Kenya and brought up in London, Great Britain, is a Jain by birth and is greatly influenced by Hindu dharma and philosophy. His ancestral home is Bhanvad in Saurastra, Gujarat, India. He was awarded with an MBE from the Mayor of London, British government for making a significant contribution to the city of London and was also honoured with an award from Indian government for promoting Indian culture in the United Kingdom.

The very inspiration behind writing this book was the ceaseless attempt in creating the negative image of India by the international media. It also aims at instilling pride within the youth of both India as well as abroad. While comparing India with many other smaller countries where the violence and civil wars are being experienced profusely by their people, India still portrays herself as a vibrant and stable democracy. India, no doubt, showcases an outstanding example of how people can co-exist peacefully in the midst of immense diversity. From the earliest astronomers and scientists of this great land to the visionaries of today, Nitin Mehta examines the impact on the modern world and asks questions that we would all like to answer. A country has achieved to such an extent against overwhelming odds soldiers on, but the world has failed to acknowledge its incredibility. In such a vast land with massive population, the logistics applied in organizing an election successfully is a miracle in itself. India serves as an ideal example for many countries to follow. Many countries with much smaller population and diversity are suffering with violence, strife and civil wars raging around them. What makes India capable of doing this? In order to comprehend India, first, one must digest the figure of 1.2 billion people, before speaking anything. Most of the people, living in countries with relatively small populations, cannot figure out the possibilities of how 1.2 billion people go about living their lives – hundreds of millions of people, going about their lives as free spirits in a free country. Their zest for life is contagious. This book is a small attempt made by the author to set that very particular objective straight before his readers. The task of tracing India from its birth to the present status is a no-frills journey. This book will surely assist its reader to contemplate about India from a different perspective, and at the same time, India will be brought under the limelight.

This piece of writing shows that there is a new rise with the emergence of self publishing in India which not only helps the native authors but also those residing abroad in publishing their words in their own way. Moreover, the book is garnering the fame from every corner of the world with each passing day and is being applauded for its strong subject and the people associated with it. Nitin approached India’s no. 1 self publishing company, Educreation Publishing, for publishing his incredible work, and now, he has set a great example how one can get the book self published even staying far away from the country.

The book, “India, A Civilisation The World Fails to Recognise”, has also received a valuable foreword from Maneka Gandhi, the Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development. As per her words, “Nitin’s love for India is deeper than other people who live in the country. He has attempted, his entire life, to keep the Indian culture alive in the country where he is presently living. Simplicity, unenviousness, compassion, calm, non-violence, patience, an ability to see each living creature as an individual with personality, lack of greed, respect for everyone… these are some of the threads that make India what she is, and Nitin has tried to change the world around him by embodying these features.”

The basic idea behind the book is to provide the reader a short glimpse of the history of India, and how it has created an unforgettable impact on the world. The message inscripted in this book is to inspire people from all around to see India with positivity and at the same time for Indians to feel proud of their cultural and social heritage. It took author around 3 months flat to put the book together, and finally Educreation Publishing published the book. The author says that it has been a positive experience working with the leading self publishing company, Educreation Publishing. He, further, hopes to write a book about Indians residing in East Africa. He had already received many positive comments about this book. His wife, Pratibha and daughters, Jyoti and Janaki, have shown a great interest in his work.

Gradually, the concept of self publishing is assisting several authors to fulfil their dreams of being an author. Educreation Publishing is helping the emerging authors to self publish books worldwide in a professional way.

“India, A Civilisation The World Fails to Recognise” is available in more than 100 countries and in more than 39,000 locations as Paperback and eBook. In India, the book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, BooksCamel.com, Infibeam, Paytm, Rediff Books, Google Playstore, Kindle, and many other places.

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