Getaway This Festive Season – How To Plan A Short & Sweet Holiday

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Vacations are always exciting and exhilarating, and recession or no, spending some time for R and R with a bit of excitement thrown in is necessary. Check out the Yo! Team’s suggestions for short and sweet fun-filled getaway these hols.

Festive season has begun. Vacations are always exciting, exhilarating and invariably leaves one feeling energised. And the Yo! Vizag team is full of tips for planning these trips, as even a well planned short trip can turn more memorable and energizing than a vaguely planned long vacation.


The city of destiny boasts of a long list of tourist and picnic spots in and around the city. Before planning for a weekend visit make a survey of these places, considering the distance, special attractions and other details. Ask around; gather information from friends, the travel agency or tourism department. There are also a few online trip advisors who are a great resource for reviews and information to get an idea how to reach there or where to stay, etc. Use these reviews to find great places without spending a fortune.

Plan, Plan and Plan

Plan your travel idea at least four to five days prior. Avoid the 11th hour hustle and bustle… it might be financially more expensive, result in arguments, unnecessary tensions and eventually sour the whole trip. A well planned action always yields fruitful results. This will allow getting the most out of your holidays leaving most of the worries at home.

The ‘Things To Do’ Lists

Prepare a list of pending tasks before and after the holidays. This will help, pre planning in a systematic way and also to get back on track quicker, post-vacation. Like the laundry, food shopping, sticking supplies… generally to mentally prepare yourself to return to work, hassle free. Arrange them in order of urgency and divide any work that has piled up into three piles. One is for immediate attention, one can wait a day or two and the last pile is for those items that can be put off until the following week.

Budgeting For The Trip!

Make a rough estimate of the trip expenses. Keep different accounts for different needs like food, stay, fuel, refreshments etc. Though now we have the privilege of carrying cards instead of cash, but it is always advisable to carry some liquid cash as well. As there are still some places where ATMs are not installed and even if installed may remain out of order.

The vehicle

If you are planning to drive down to the spot, check out the running condition of your car; especially if it’s a long drive. A thorough check-up can assure you a worry free ride. Tank up the car, so that there will be fewer intervals in the journey.

Juice for the ICE (In-Car-Entertainment)

Jazz up the drive with some lively, energising music or relax the senses with soothing music. This is to keep you and your companions in good cheer.


Even if you are hitting places close to the city, it is wiser to arrange for an overnight stay as a backup plan. This will ease out the journey stress and fatigue, add a bit of a ‘zing’ and can make your trip a sweet memorable weekend.

Don’t forget to Enjoy!

Last but not least, whatever the situation, however the trip and stay… take everything in a positive spirit; a spoilsport attitude can dampen everyone’s spirits.

A short crispy trip can double the fun and be a perfect cure to daily stresses, as compared to a long stretched tour. As long as you are with your loved ones or likeminded partners anywhere anytime can be a fun fiesta.

Looking forward to a happy festive season!!

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