Consent Matters!


NO means NO. Yes! You heard that right. There is no way of expanding or explaining it. Sr. Bachchan nailed the courtroom drama on similar lines, leaving spectators enthralled and keeping them glued to their seats in pin drop silence. All what we heard was slow clap at the end of the movie. Consent matters. PINK it is!

Why is it tough to take a no? The innocuous two-letter word has the impact of infinity. “It is not just a word, but is a sentence by itself, which is self-explanatory and makes everything crystal clear. When someone says NO you have to STOP. It doesn’t matter whether the person saying no is your girlfriend, a sex-worker or your wife,” says Sr.Bachchan in a spectacular scene. 

‘Saying No’ is a challenge. ‘Accepting No’ is even more challenging. A rise in the number of rapes and atrocities are the result of failure in accepting the challenges. As a matter-of-fact, people have a tendency to perceive No as negative and humiliating.

Which brings us back to Pink, we bow you Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, for the attempt that has bowled the audience over, hopefully bringing with it the change badly needed in the current scenario of ‘Modern India’.

With abuse against women on a steep rise for quite sometime now, Pink came as a bag of much needed surprise. The valor of the debut director deserves applaud. It has tickled the attention of almost all the strata of audience irrespective of gender.

The issue of consent is a serious, traversing across the areas of sexual relationships, substance abuse, and all social problems, yet it is overlooked most of the time. Consent is an issue which not only India, but developed countries are also grappling with.

‘No’ has NO interpretations; any choice of a person must be dealt with the right interpretation. Are you all brave and confident to utter this small yet deceptive word? Say YES!

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