Things that all the people in Vizag are tired of doing but still can’t help it

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Vizag is sure a beautiful place but surviving here is no easy. People who have lived here can directly relate to the first line of the article and knows exactly what I’m talking about. The city has different faces and dealing with every face needs skills. So here are few things that we repeatedly do in our daily routine but still can’t find a solution. Here goes.

The auto mania

Auto drivers in Vizag are the heirs of kings and queens. So getting an auto rickshaw is a big struggle. Here is an easy way to find an auto. Follow these steps.

  1. Wave at an auto and pray to god that he shows mercy and stops.
  2. Tell him your destination and get rejected.
  3. Repeat step 1 and get rejected again.
  4. Regret, accept defeat and book an Ola/Uber.

The ice cream struggle 

Enjoying an ice cream and walk on the beach is all fun unless you have cleanliness OCD. Here is how to buy an ice cream while maintaining your cleanliness standards.

  1. Select an ice cream from the board and regret on its unavailability.
  2. Select from the available ones and get ready to pay extra than MRP.
  3. Pray that he doesn’t touch the ice cream while opening it but this is what gradually happens.
  4. Cry and eat you ice cream quietly.

The movie drama

Going for movies is fun but not always. So if you want to have a good time while indulging in the movie, follow these simple steps.

  1. Check for tickets on BMS, check your bank account and cry.
  2. Ask money from parents and book tickets {Varun Inox preferred}.
  3. Enjoy the crying child in the movie because yelling is not an option.
  4. Order small popcorn because you obviously are not AMBANI to afford multiplex popcorn tub.
  5. Go home dissatisfied and upload the selfie with a caption that starts from – ‘fully enjoyed’.

The constant samosa option

Finding a good place for samosa is difficult and it becomes more complex when you have two good options. If you look forward to buy some samosas in Vizag, here is how you can.

  1. Crave samosa for 2 straight days before heading out to eat one.
  2. Get confused where to go between Sweet India and Ladoo Gopal
  3. Keep thinking for 2 more days.
  4. Settle on some mediocre AF samosa {with no chutney} from a place near your house.
  5. Cry on your decision making skills.

The health maniac mind

If you want to adapt a healthy lifestyle, you need to follow these steps ASAP to get into shape. Easy and Simple.

  1. Make up mind to start jogging from next day so eat your heart out at some restaurant.
  2. Set up an alarm for 5 AM.
  3. Wake up at 9 AM and wonder what happened.
  4. Follow step 1 for 18361 years to come.

Money saving tale

Saving money is not an easy task but don’t worry because we are here to help. These simple steps will help you save a lot in just a few weeks. DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee okay.

  1. Have a look at your banks mini statement and decide to save money.
  2. Avoid buying fancy food, street food, junk food and thick shakes.
  3. Buy clothes worth 10,000 from lifestyle because #sale.
  4. Cry again.

We all have done these things but improvement is nowhere to be seen. Let’s make a pact that we will improve and change these habits that are not so good and that we will never break this pact. [I might though].

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