Free Beer at Delhi University!

Free beer
Neem Beer at Delhi University

All of us wanted to get into DU atleast once in our life, didn’t we? But the cut-offs of this university have crashed all our dreams and we ended up settling for other places. Excluding the amazing campuses and the fun those people have there, they came up with a new thing that would get all of us envious of the students studying there. They have a huge tree in the campus that offers free beer from a neem tree! We aren’t kidding!!

Sounds like the adult version of chocolate factory, doesn’t it? This specialised neem tree is located in the North DU Campus and produces a white liquid from its sap which is popularly been termed as ‘neem beer’ among the students of DU.

This unique tree has been producing 10 litres of free beer every day and students have been queuing for this in front of the tree; many officials have even reported that students prefer this over the regular beer.

According to the reports, Dr David Kothamasi has stated, “We suspect it is not the kind of toddy which we usually get from palm trees. There is some kind of microbial activity going on inside the tree. The microbe is helping the tree sap to ferment,” as an explanation for the reason behind this.

Isn’t this enough motivation to get into DU?

Feature Image Credit: The New Indian Express

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