Facebook Users In India More Than Any Other Country.

facebook users

The statistics are out and India tops the list of number of Facebook users in any country. It is the networking sites highest user base and has bypassed United states by a million. As per the statistics, there are 241 million users. 201 million is the number of active users going by what Facebook reports. Brazil is third on the list with 139 million active users.

The Next Web, a technology news website has collated the number from advertisers on Facebook. Facebook has 234 million users from UsA and Canada together and though not confirmed by Facebook, India could be the highest after all.
Active users log in regularly and registered users may be logging in irregularly. Facebook has reached the 2 billion mark and this is the number of monthly active users. Active users are measured by ‘daily active and ‘monthly active’ and it is the active users who are of value to advertisers. The numbers are dynamic and may slump and swell. In fact just before Facebook reported the 2 billion figure there was a slight dip in the number of global users of this networking site.

It speaks a lot about the online active Indians and the popularity of social networking. Moreover a country with a population like ours, we would any day win in the sheer battle for numbers.


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