10 eco-friendly products that everyone should use in day-to-day life

eco-friendly products
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Plastic has become an integral part of our daily lives. Throughout the day, we rely on plastic for many things. Out of all the plastic in the world, only 9% gets recycled, 12% gets incinerated and the remaining 79% is accumulated in landfills or in our natural surroundings. The facts are terrible, aren’t they? So here are a few eco-friendly alternatives to some of the plastic products that will help us become a part of the solution, rather than the problem.

Toothpaste- Talk about starting the morning right, and what better way than to start with the toothpaste and toothbrush you use. Avoid the plastic packaging of your regular toothpaste and switch to this ‘Bare Necessities Peppermint Party’ that comes in a cute little glass jar. Unlike the approximately 23 chemical ingredients that are present in your regular toothpaste, this one’s completely made from natural ingredients like organic essential oils and baking soda. Replace your plastic toothbrush with a charcoal, bamboo option and do your bit for the planet. Bare Necessities Peppermint Party toothpaste Rs. 475/-, Bamboo toothbrush Rs. 99/-

Compostable trash bags – The ubiquitous plastic trash bags that once seemed irreplaceable, have now become biodegradable! Made out of vegetable matter such as corn and potato starch, these bags will actually compost if they are exposed to enough moisture. So, now put your kitchen waste into the bag, and you can compost it directly. What’s more, this one’s pretty reasonably priced at Rs. 270/- for a pack of 30 bags. What more could one ask for!

Shampoo bar – A product guilty of holding many xenestrogens such as SLES, shampoos are the bane not just because of the ingredients but the packaging as well. Pesky sachets that are difficult to recycle are a major environment hazard. One however, now has the option to switch to these bars which do not use plastic packaging, are all natural and also eco-friendly products! Rs. 228/-

Bamboo speaker – Making both your living and your lifestyle organic, is this minimalistic bamboo speaker. With the ability to amplify the volume of your phone without using electricity, this one has to be heard to be believed! Just slide your phone in and enjoy the music! Rs. 399/-

Water saving adaptor for taps – A practical home-oriented solution, this simple-looking adaptor can help save up to 35% of your daily water wastage. Do the math, and you’ll know that this can help you save up to 44,000 gallons of water per year! Rs. 544/-

Eco friendly shoes- Made out of recycled soles, the Greensole range of footwear, is a sure-footed step towards sustainability. You can also donate your old shoes which will be recycled! What’s even better is that this venture provides footwear for needy children. These eco-friendly products start from Rs. 799/-

Foldable steel straw – Easy to carry and easy to clean, these steel straws are foldable with three joints. As they fit into the keychain sized container, which is recyclable too, they are a fashionable option as you do your bit to save landfills from more plastic straws. Rs. 399/-

Coffee travel mug – Lightweight, durable and a neutral colour palette, makes the Waabi Saabi bamboo coffee mug a great travel option compared to its plastic/ melamine counterpart. A leakproof and spillproof design make it an item of desire. Rs. 688/-

Eco friendly sanitary napkins – Did you know that every year 12.3 billion non biodegradable sanitary napkins are disposed in India making up for 46% of the total plastic waste? A disposable, eco-friendly products that takes care of hygiene issues are now available. Rs. 249/-

Coconut dishwashing coir – If you too are guilty of using plastic dishwashing scrubbers, then now’s the time to go nature friendly. Ask for coconut fibre dishwashing coirs which are an amazing, cheap and perfect alternative to scrub utensils. While you can directly use the coconut coir, that’s usually discarded by coconut vendors for free, these eco-friendly products are now available in a easy use form online as well. Rs. 275/- for a pack of 6

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