5 things you will relate to if you have been to Dwaraka Nagar in Vizag

LIC Building at Dwaraka Nagar in Vizag
LIC Building at Dwaraka Nagar in Vizag

One of the bustling locales in Vizag, Dwaraka Nagar is a hub to many specialties in the city. From being crowded by many businesses to accommodating a few of the major landmarks in the city, Dwaraka Nagar holds its own distinction. Also, the area’s location makes it hard for any commuter to miss traversing through it.

Here are 5 things anyone who has been to Dwaraka Nagar in Vizag would relate to.

#1 Searching for lanes

Visiting the area for the first time? Then you better keep your GPS systems in readiness. The numbered lanes here are nothing less than those in Takeshi’s Castle and in magic realism, the fifth lane could end being the area’s first.

#2 The eatery hub

Be it the all famous Ayyappa Juice centre and LIC punukulu or the unfailingly packed Sairam Parlour, Dwaraka Nagar is never short of options to satiate your cravings.

#3 The shopping bustle

From the glitzy electronic showrooms to the humble street vendors, Dwaraka Nagar in Vizag flaunts numerous reasons to keep any shopper’s spirits high. Come the festive season and the scene hits a new note altogether with ubiquitous discounts luring customers.

#4 Coaching centres

Vizag’s very own answer to Hyderabad’s Dlisukhnagar, Dwaraka Nagar is filled with a myriad of coaching centres. Spoken English, computer languages, general aptitude, and animation courses are just a few of the many skills one can attain here (or as proclaimed by the ostentatious posters on display everywhere).

#5 The traffic snarls

Similar to any other popular locale in the city, the plight of the commuters traveling through Dwaraka Nagar is palpable. The scenario seems to worsen during the peak hours, especially at cramped up places such as the Diamond Park, where vehicles seem to be squeezing in from every direction possible.

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