Things one experience after moving to Vizag from any other city in India


Vizag, the synonym of beauty {well, at least for us} is one of the best places to live in India and you only realise it once you live here. If you have grown up in some city other than Visakhapatnam, these are the thing you will notice once you come and start living here. Many people have experienced these things and we hope you find this list relatable too. So here we go.

You get amazed by the sunrises and sunsets EVERYDAY

This is one of the best things that the city offers to its citizens. The spectacular dawns and dusks are what we live for in Vizag. The joy of seeing the sun rise from the ocean and set somewhere behind the hills is amazing.


The local food is much tastier than in fancy restaurants

The road side bandis selling hot dosas and idlis are much more tempting and yummy than what they serve in hotels with knives and forks {bleh}. Not to forget, the hygiene level of these food stalls is much better when compared to any other city.

You get aww srtuck by the cleanliness

The cleanliness of roads and public premises is a rare view in big cities in our country. Vizag excels in maintaining cleanliness and decorum when it comes to the maintenance of roads and the buildings {hence it comes under one of the cleanest cities in the country}.

People do not spit gutka everywhere

Yes, max people in Vizag are not addicted to gutka and other pan masalas. There is no spitting and spoiling of roads or buildings here and there. Hence it stands as one of the cleanest city in India.

You start using local slangs

Vizag is very comforting and once you fit in with the crowd, you start picking Telugu slangs. You will find yourself saying ‘Kada’ and ‘ante’quite often and will be called ‘aana’ or ‘maya’ instead of bhaiya or bhaisahab.


You will find the life in Vizag surprisingly laid back

The life in Visakhapatnam requires no hush and bush. You can get up a bit late and still be to office on time. There is no such term as traffic {even if there is a jam, it is sorted in minutes}. You can spend time in a coffee shop, go to office, go shopping, see a movie and have a fancy dinner at restaurant, all in one day and would still have time to go home and make preparations for next day.

The city has no night life

There is no existing night life in Visakhapatnam. Yes, some bars do have crowd on weekends but it is nothing when compared to other big cities in India. People have a good time and are usually backed in their houses by 1 am. Also, Hookah is banned in the city.


Beach road is allowed till midnight only

Yes, this is the sad reality. People are not allowed to stay on the beach road after midnight as they are allowed to on marine drive etc. So if you plan to spend a night on the beach, you gotta have to fly to Mumbai or Goa.


Everything is available in minutes

From good food to cab services, Vizag has got it all. Name a service and you will get it on your doorsteps in an hour. No long waiting for things you need. Well, this is a plus point of a city that is not largely spread.


Low crime rate and much safer streets

Unlike any other city in India, Visakhapatnam has relatively low crime rate and the streets are safe for women even after midnight. No need to panic if you forgot to carry pepper spray on night walks or jogs. The city police is very punctual when it comes to safety of citizens.

You will miss the chaat, pani-puri and samosas from your place

Even though the city has many outlets serving good chaat and samosas, they can never match the taste of authentic North Indian chaat and pani puri. You might still find decent chaat at few places near Siripuram Junction though.

We hope that this article was relatable to you in some or the other way. Do let us know if there are any more views that have been missed or should be added on.

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