Dengue fever: how it happens, symptoms and prevention

dengue fever symptoms prevention
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Recently, an increase in the number of dengue fever cases in the country has been noted. It is therefore necessary to know about dengue fever, its symptoms and take prevention measures against it. Found actively in the tropical areas in Asia, and South America, this dangerous disease largely has no cure and can only be healed by the body itself. Even then, for a proper diagnosis, it is advised for the patient to check with a doctor, so that, the necessary tests can be done and the extent of the sickness be determined.

How dengue fever happens
Dengue fever virus is transmitted to people by the bite of the female in the Aedes mosquito species. These mosquitoes thrive in areas having still water or pools of untreated water. Recovery from this sickness can take from 2 to 3 weeks. If the case is severe, the patient might have to be hospitalised with the intention of isolating him/her from the mosquito-breeding environment.

Symptoms and diagnosis
Symptoms of dengue fever usually begin to show up 3 to 14 days after the patient has been infected. Following are characteristic in a person infected with dengue:

#1 Fever
#2 Pain in abdomen, joints and muscles
#3 Fatigue
#4 Loss of appetite
#5 Nausea

Early diagnosis of the disease includes a thorough blood test and checking the blood pressure. The White Blood Cells (WBC) count, and blood platelet levels are usually seen to be low in the test. Blood pressure is also found to be dangerously low.

At present, there exists no specific medication or cure for dengue fever. Any patient diagnosed with this disease has to self-heal through fluids and hygienic food. But there is medication to give relief from the symptoms, or the complications, that come along with the disease. A person suffering from dengue fever is advised to do the following:

#1 Take Paracetamol (analgesic for relief from the pain)
#2 Take intra-venous fluids
#3 Consumption of ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts)
#4 Protein-rich balanced diets
#5 Bed rest
#6 Blood transfusions (for severe cases of sickness)

Prevention is better than cure and once, the symptoms of dengue fever are known, it becomes easy to avoid. Following are a few steps that can be taken to prevent cases of dengue fever:

#1 Remove stagnant water from the neighbourhood
#2 Use mosquito repellents like camphor and lavender oil
#3 Pay close attention to personal hygiene
#4 Put mosquito netting while sleeping
#5 Eat at regularly-inspected places and follow a balanced diet
#6 Spray pesticides in and around the house

Dengue is one of the common infectious diseases in India and despite all the medical advancements, dengue-bearing mosquitoes continue to thrive. People have to lead fitter, hygienic lives and consume homemade food. Cleanliness has to be maintained in and around the houses by people. Only then can dengue fever be prevented, or even eradicated, entirely.

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