India Should Become Self-Reliant In Defence Manufacturing, Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley India Defence

India is a developing country and with the present government it is developing at a much faster pace. They are focusing on each and every corner of the country – be it poverty, employment, starving, or any other part of our society. Now, the Finance Minister, Defence Minister of Corporate Affairs Arun Jaitley made a pitch on Sunday hoping that India becomes totally self-reliant in defence manufacturing. The move has come in view of the challenges posed by insurgency and terrorism. The minister was in Pune, attending the ninth convocation ceremony of Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT). A total of 134 people were awarded degrees at the convocation where he brought up the idea.

He believes that with the recently achieved strategic partnership policy in defence manufacturing, India can become a hub of defence manufacturing, in which both public and private partnership can play a crucial role in the future. He stated that the previous government’s conservative policies have hindered progress in defence manufacturing sector. New age India is different, confident and willing to share knowledge and technology with global manufactures. He believes that people are bringing new ideas and taking initiatives; with many people emerging as entrepreneurs.

He says “battles and wars are never won by going all over the world and asking for defence equipment” because one can’t just depend on other countries for several decades to keep us safe and sound. Moreover he states that we cannot change our neighbor and they will keep throwing up security challenges, just like the last 70 years. Therefore, India needs to become an important manufacturing hub. Especially so if the economy requires us to become a hub for defence manufacturing, then this is the area where the country will have to use the vast resources it possesses.

We can use IIT’s, DRDO labs and a large number of private institutions that can help training minds and cover up the critical gap that still exists, he said.

Story Credit: TOI

Picture Credits : Augustus Binu

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