Officials rescue a deer that fell into a drain in Visakhapatnam

deer, visakhapatnam
Deer falls into a drain in Visakhapatnam

A tragedy was luckily avoided near Arilova bus stop in Visakhapatnam. A deer, which belonged to Kambalakonda, fell into an open drain present in the area. It was later rescued by the concerned volunteers and officials.

The details

After spotting the deer in the drain, the mishap was reported to the Animal rescue team in Vizag by the local volunteers. The team, which swiftly reached the locale, identified the animal as a Male Barking Deer and, further, informed the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) regarding the accident.

A local beat officer, who arrived at the spot, instructed his fellow mates to get a vehicle and all the necessary gear to safely shift the animal to the zoo. Zoologist Chetan, who along with other forest staff led the rescue operation, safely took the deer to the zoo and got it medically treated. The doctor, who gave the animal some first aid treatment, informed that the injuries it sustained were minor ones and there was nothing serious. Subsequently, the deer was transported back to Kambalakonda.

Thanks to the swift and timely response of all the concerned officials and volunteers, the poor animal was saved from succumbing to a rather unfortunate accident.

Image credits- Vivek Rathod

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