CBSE Board To Declare Results After Review of Moderation Policy

cbse result for class 12

As the students of class 12 eagerly waited for their CBSE result this Wednesday afternoon, it was reported that they will not be declared now. The CBSE result is put on hold until the Board takes a decision on a Delhi High Court direction which has stopped it from withdrawing its moderation policy for the Class X and Class XII examinations held this academic year. However, the Board has also raised a valid point by saying, “rules cannot be changed after the game has begun.

The moderation policy enables the students to gain extra marks for difficult questions and for the errors in the question paper as well. There has been no official word from the Board, yet the announcement has been made in the CBSE affiliated schools that the results are going to be declared this Wednesday. However, Rama Sharma, the spokesperson of the CBSE Board has informed that the results are not going to be declared on 24 May, and that on the High Court Directive the Board will take the decision after examining the order.

The sources say that the Board will decide about the moderation policy after consulting the Ministry of Human Resource Development. R K Chaturvedi, the chairman of CBSE has been called for a meeting to discuss about this and the officials say that either way the results will not be delayed and will be out by the end of the month as announced earlier.

The High Court bench has assured that there will be no decision taken which might not be approved by the students. The students would be their primary focus and the policy comes later, said the bench. However, keeping in mind that there are around 11 lakh and 8 lakh students have appeared for the senior secondary and secondary exams respectively in CBSE, the bench is going to make sure that the students know where they stand.

Story credit: Indian Express

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