Places you can visit to have authentic Biryani this Ramzan season

food Visakhapatnam
food Visakhapatnam

Ramzan is on the roll and we definitely are craving for some authentic Biryani which we obviously deserve. Luckily, Vizag is a place filled with food lovers and hence there are many eateries available for Vizagites to fulfill their cravings. All we need to do is explore these points by roaming the city streets and experiencing their food taste and quality. Yo! Vizag saves your work and brings you a list of all the places in the city which serve lip smacking Biryanis to satisfy your cravings. Start taking notes.

Hyderabadi Haleem Point, Jagadamba: – Famous for their Haleem, this place is also serving excellent Biryani in town and spoiling people with its amazing taste and crazy reasonable prices. Be it Chicken Biryani or a Mutton one, this place has it all. Situated right in front of the Mosque in Jagadamba centre, they also serve delicacies like kheer, Nihari and Paya Roti.

Note: – Try and go in early evening as their food is sold out very fast.

Lazeez Pista Haleem Point, Suryabagh: – This food point again is famous for its amazing Haleem but the Biryanis they serve will literally make you cry happy tears. The aroma itself will make you come down to knees and take heavy breaths. Their Chicken and Mutton Biryani is made to the point of excellency and is served with utmost love and hygiene.

Pro Tip: – Do not miss on their Double ka Meetha and Qurbani ka Meetha.

Hotel Paradise, VIP Road: – It’s a known fact that The Paradise Hotel chain has been spoiling people with their world famous Biryanis and Vizag is lucky to have a store. Situated on the VIP Road, this huge outlet serves different types of Biryanis with authentic flavours from Hyderabad. Rush and treat yourself with a large variety of Biryanis available here.

Pro Tip: – Compliment your food with a bowl of yummy Qurbani  ka Meetha.

Moti Mahal, MVP: – This popular hotel chain has opened in our city and the food served tastes like heaven. The large variety of Biryanis available here is sure to make you mouth water. With authentic Chicken dum Biryani to Prawns Biryani, this place excels in all its preparations.

Pro Tip: – Do not forget to try the Murgh Malai Biryani because it’s amazing.

Hotel Aplha, Jagadamba: – It is no wonder that this restaurant is on the list because this place has been serving the best Biryanis in the city since a long time. Their Chicken Fry Biryani or the Mutton Dum Biryani is our favorite while the Prawns Biryani is also recommended.

Pro Tip: – The Chicken starters are two thumbs up.

Muntaaz Biryani Point, SKota: – If the foodie in you is still not satisfied, drive to SKota to eat at Muntaaz and you will return with a happy heart. This place is pretty popular for their amazing Biryanis in all the district and people travel from nearby villages and towns to eat at this place. The aroma of Biryani will stick to your fingers for longer than your perfume will ever do.

Pro Tip: – Eat till your stomach hurts and bring back parcels for next day too.

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