Biometric Attendance Lags in North Coastal Districts

Biometric Attendance North Coastal Districts

The North Coastal districts have stood below the state level in the average biometric attendance in the past month. The government data says that the North Coastal region registered an average attendance of 37.01 % under the biometric system. However, the state’s average was 38.79 %.

34.74 % and 30.91 % attendance has been recorded for Srikakulam and Vizianagaram respectively and Visakhapatnam district registered 45.38 % attendance. It is surprising that the state has nearly 5 lakh government employees out of which only 1,08,553 employees are registered under the attendance system of which 13,172 employees are from the North Coastal districts.

While Guntur has recorded 18.79 % average attendance, West Godavari has topped the list with 56.82 % of average biometric attendance which is apparently greater than the state average.

K Eswar, President of Andhra Pradesh Non Gazetted Officers Association stated that employees who work on field most of the time fail to contribute to the biometric systems. He also said, “The government has also allowed such limitations and record their attendance in other ways.”

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