5 Diwali Advertisements That Will Steal All Your Feels

diwali advertisements
diwali advertisements

Come festive season; all the shopping portals start offering their wares at crazy discounts and every advert on TV asks you to cherish your family and friends while simultaneously celebrating Diwali. Sniff! The brands compete against each other to vie for your attention and in midst of all the melodrama, lights, clothes, food, fireworks, gifts and more; a few Diwali advertisements stand out.

This one’s for you, the one who’s celebrating Diwali away from their family. Or you, the loner who’s holed up in their room because you simply can’t take your family’s drama anymore. We hope you love the adverts as much as we do.

An ad that stresses on the value of health without being preachy

For those away from home - #GharWaliDiwali

Who doesn't love their grandpa?

Maybe one of the cutest ads ever!

And then, the baap of all Diwali ads

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