Art Heritage Of Coastal Andhra To Be Preserved.


APTDC (Andhra pradesh Tourism Development Corporation) has planned on promoting Rural Tourism and seeks to protect the many art forms native to coastal AP such as the craftsmanship of Bobbili Veena, the Etikoppaka toys and the Khadi from Ponduru. These are endangered arts and a boost would give them a new lease of life. The medium for this is chosen to be a short film. To this end, APTDC has invited four agencies to prepare a detailed project report.

The places such as Srikakulam for Handloom, Vizianagaram for Bobbili Venna and Visakhapatnam for Etikoppaka toys along with 11 more have been shortlisted to be promoted under Rural Tourism.

The promotions through film and documented material are prepared based on real time interaction with the artists and craftsmen. The promotion material will be used for the tourism initiative and will be effective by showing the actual process of the art itself. The tourist could visit the places and the art would get a global fillip.

The agencies engaged or this are Culture Aangan and Grass routes, both from Mumbai and Wander Trials which is Bengaluru based and Access Livelihoods Consulting India Ltd from Hyderabad. These agencies shall engage with the crafts men and capture the art process, real-time. the initiative is sound and innovative and shall give a modern road-map for developing, promoting and preserving the art of the State which is so vibrant and unique.

Source – TOI

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