Andhra cop folds hands in front of a family of 5 members riding a bike

andhra pradesh police
andhra pradesh police folds hands expressing "I give up"

When on the road, we come across different sorts of people who break the traffic regulations. While some go whizzing past us, some ride a bike by carrying more than one pillion. A few riders even get on our nerves by honking unnecessarily. All this aside, one photograph tweeted by a police is leaving everyone in splits.

The details

Abhishek Goyal, an IPS officer from Karnataka has tweeted this photo. A police officer from Andhra Pradesh is seen pleading in front of a family of 5 riding on the same bike. The gesture was an expression to his “I give up”.

Abhishek Goyal on Twitter

What else can he do ?? We always have a choice .. chose the safe one ! #BeSafe

As we know, it is against the regulations to carry more than one pillion on a bike. But here, the offender has his entire family seated on his bike. The man had accommodated two children in the front while the third child and the mother were seated at the back. The police, quite understandably, had no clue what to do and seemed to give in to the rider’s audacity.

The photo has got the Twitterati buzzing with laughter but the cop in the photo felt otherwise. A report on the Indian Express quoted him “I had just finished a one-and-half hour programme on road safety awareness in which that man was also present. My mind went blank when I saw the five of them riding so dangerously and all I could do was fold my hands in total resignation, helplessness, and frustration.” The cop from Andhra Pradesh also added that the man was not even wearing a helmet.

“The police and the concerned authorities are organising regular safety awareness camps in order to ensure safer roads. The public must start feeling responsible for their own safety and shouldn’t practise such risky acts” said another officer.

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