Sex reassignment surgery leads to discharge of Naval Sailor from duties

naval sailor
naval sailor

Recently in news is the story of a Naval Sailor, who now goes by the name of Sabi after her sex reassignment surgery. Formerly, Sabi used to be known as Manish Giri. He joined the Marine Engineering department of the Eastern Naval Command at Visakhapatnam seven years ago. After becoming public this matter of the naval sailors sex reassignment surgery has blown into a matter of debate. Transgender rights and naval rules have become topic of discussion.

After a time, Indian Navy has put forward a press release to clear their stand in the matter.

Indian Navy press release“The sailor, who now goes by the name Sabi, decided to undergo the surgery “on his [her] own accord, whilst on leave willfully altering his [her] gender status”. 

The Indian Navy has discharged Manish Giri, a naval sailor evoking the clause of Service No Longer Required under the Navy Regulations. The serving sailor underwent sex reassignment surgery at a private facility while on leave  and was subsequently administratively discharged from the Service. He as an individual chose to change the gender wilfuly from the one at the time of induction. this is regarded as a breach in the Recruitment Regulations and eligibility criteria for his employment as a Sailor in the Indian Navy.

The existing service rules and regulations do not permit the sailor’s continued employment owing to his altered gender status, medical condition and resultant employability restrictions.

Navy’s stand – The current rules and regulations of the Indian Navy do not allow the naval sailor to continue service after sex reassignment surgey. A lot of questions were put across but but they maintain that they have consulted the Government as to the course of action that has to be taken.


Manish Kumar Giri a.k.a Sabi – Born male, Sabi underwent sex reassignment surgery in Delhi and this was without notifying the forces, while he was on leave. After the 22 day vacation was over his change came to light when he sought treatment for an Urninary Tract Infection. she expresses disappointment that as a ‘man’ the Indian Navy deemed her fit for the job of being a sailor and now he has suddenly been declared unfit because of an organ change.

Earlier when she was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, she had tried to seek help from the naval doctors, but alleges no help. She therefore consulted civil doctors in Visakhapatnam. She plans to move the Supreme court and if need be petition PM, Narendra Modi.

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