Travel hotspots for an exciting dip and trip in waterfall at 3 places to be developed

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There is no rest so far as tourism and travel getaways and hotspots are concerned. Tourism authorities have turned towards maximising potential of 3 new waterfalls that have the beauty and excitement to capture a crowd. The three waterfalls are Dharmatham in Golugonda mandal, Sarugudu in Nathavaram mandal and Tadiguda in Ananthagiri mandal. While these places do not fall short on location factors what is missing is the facilities and amenities near a waterfall that people would look for. Look forward to making travel plans for a refreshing and exciting dip and more.

Development plans – Already a crowd puller, facilities like parking lots, changing and dressing rooms, toilets and refreshment stalls are going to be developed there. This will give the locals and tourists who are travel to Katiki waterfalls near Borra Caves other options. As a visit or a getaway these places have the potential.

Vizag is blessed with 15 natural waterfalls and in some of the most scenic spots. Dharmatham waterfalls which is 20 kms west of Narshipatnam is such a beautiful spot that tourists still flock there. What is lacking and will be coming up are cafeterias, view points and changing rooms for those who want some aqua fun. Take a dip here and visit the Lord Shiva Temple close by. People from near and far travel to this place for both.

Budget – An estimated amount of 15 lakhs for Sarugudu and 25 lakhs for Tadiguda has been chalked out. Authorities want to leave no stone unturned and plan on making sure all that one needs close to a waterfall getaway should be there. Now we shall have more places to plan a trip to for a bit of fun. Watch the waterfalls from vantage viewpoints and not worry about where to change our clothes if need be. Toilets and cafeterias will be there to sort out other tourist troubles. Why ever not? After all people of Visakhapatnam have a practised eye and a fond heart for natural beauty. Now travel plans have new destinations in future.

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