Vizagites for ice cream and walks on the beach road

ice cream

We have all done this countless times but we never realized how effective it is to release stress and have a fresh outlook towards life every single day. Yes, I’m talking about buying ice cream on the beach road and eating it while taking long walks by the sea. Every person living in the city has surely done this and enjoyed it every single time.

Every summer night, the Beach Road in the city comes to life and a lot of people are seen chilling here until late night. People from different religions, caste and class flock together to celebrate summer and this is what the world needs more of.

While summer is on the roll, ice cream becomes the basic necessity for life. In this situation, ice cream bandis on the beach road comes to our rescue. All the ice cream bandis along the beach road turn on their flashy lights after dark and people flock to them to buy their favorite flavor of ice cream.

Even though there are many fancy ice cream parlours along the beach road, we always have preferred the bandis because no shop in the world can open the wrapper and serve ice cream{along with a tissue paper} as these bandi owners do. I agree that these bandis do not have as many flavors as the parlours do but the happiness to take out the ice cream from the chilled compartment all by ourselves is what only the bandi walas allows us to do [lol].

Since many years, ice cream and walks by the beach has been a signature for summer nights in Vizag and we are proud to carry the tradition to the younger generations.

Even though we had many options like coffee, chai, cigarettes etc, we always preferred to buy ice creams for ourselves and our families/friends. The joy of sharing ice creams with our loved ones after a heavy dinner just cannot be expressed in words.

Not just people, many dogs and kittens also seen feasting on ice creams on the beach road and the scene of them licking their ice creams makes us go AWW.

Talking our hearts out to friends while licking our ice creams is our thing. Managing our hair in the sea breeze while we feast on our ice creams has always been the best. The licking of hands after eating our ice creams is also cute in a way {we do it because the one tissue paper we are handed is never enough}. The sharing of thoughts, problems and wisdom is max done on the beach road. No wonder why Vizagites are so proud of their Beach Road.

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