Vizag Tourist Guide: All you need to know while visiting the city of destiny

vizag tourist guide

‘Vizag – Andhra’s jewel on the east coast’ today is a cosmopolitan mix of people from various parts of the country. Best known for its green hills and the blue sea, Vizag is an amalgamation of the old and the young, the ancient and the new, the antique and the latest…Yet Vizag retains its charm and friendliness, welcoming any newcomer, a few tips to get you by…Here’s your Vizag tourist guide for visiting the city of destiny.

Vizag Tourist Guide

The best time to visit is almost throughout the year…except maybe in the icky rainy months of June to September. Though if the heat and sweat get to you, then opt for the cool months of November (after the rains, when everything is clean and green) to February (before the heat actually kicks in).

Practical clothing for Vizag climates is cotton and cotton-blends. April-May being summer, cool comfortable sensible cotton which helps deal with the heat and sweat is the best bet. And like anywhere in India, skimpy sensuous outfits will attract unwarranted attention.

The mannerism of the local populace here spells hospitality. Warm, friendly, traditional and cosmopolitan – a true Vizagite is a unique blend of all. Ever ready to direct and advise, don’t hesitate to ask around. Telugu, English, and Hindi are the commonly spoken languages here.

The food is hot, spicy and mostly rice-based. The local dishes are richly flavoured with loads of tamarind and spice. Sea-food and fresh-water-fish from the neighbouring Godavari districts figure in the local diet. Most eateries are multi-cuisine – offering a varied fare.

While shopping, haggle to your hearts content on the roadsides and smaller establishments. Vizag is not known for its shopping, but the fare on display is varied. Clothes from Kolkata and Mumbai, imported goods from custom-notified shops, toys, sporting goods… you name it, it is available.

Nightlife in the city has gathered pace in recent times. There are a few good pubs and lounge-bars to visit, though the crowd really picks up only on weekends. Generally, day or night, movies are the biggest draw.

Modes of transport within the city include buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis, and bike taxis. The cheapest mode of transport, buses cover most of the city. Autos are handy, they will get you just anywhere, though many operate without a meter, in which case, enquire (and bargain if necessary) the cost of the fare before getting in.

Touring facilities are adequately provided by AP Tourism. These packages cover most of the city sights and are quite satisfactory for a rapid trip around the city. The ‘local sightseeing tour’ covers the main tourist spots. For Araku, Burra Caves and nearby tourist destinations, there are daily packages.

Entertainment: There are lots of beaches and picnic spots around, and an entertainment park, and myriad other getaways. Vizag boasts of a fairly big Zoo and the submarine and aircraft museums.

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