Movie theatre and gaming zone to be set up at Visakhapatnam railway station

vizag railway station
Visakhapatnam Railway Station

Visakhapatnam railway station is a high traffic zone. Connecting people across numerous towns and cities, the station witnesses a high footfall throughout the year. Also, given the fact that it will soon be crowned as the headquarters of the newly announced South Coastal Railway, Visakhapatnam railway station is expected to gather all the more prominence in the coming days. Meanwhile, in a move to engage the passengers, the authorities have been making efforts to set up several facilities at the city’s railway station. Interestingly, the attractions include a mobile movie theatre and gaming zone among others.

Being set up at the Premier Car Parking area at Visakhapatnam railway station, the mobile movie theatre is expected to accommodate close to 150 individuals at a time. As reported by Andhra Jyothy, the theatre will be showing Telugu and Hindi movies in the mornings and evenings. The ticket prices, reportedly, have been finalised at Rs 50 per head.

Also, a gaming zone, which is expected to catch the attention of young passengers, will be set up on the first platform. A selfie-point, near gate 2 of the first platform, is another attraction that will be coming up at the station. Display boards, informing the passengers of the facilities at the railway station, are among the other additions that we are likely to witness soon.

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