10 best getaways from Vizag for a dreamy holiday

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Vizag is endowed with a rich assembly getaways that offer enriching experiences and come as the perfect getaway options. Here are 10 such places in and around the city where you can plan your next spin to.

Cold Calling

Nestled in the lushly greens of the Eastern Ghats is the misty hill-station of Lambasingi. From the hope of catching a sprinkling of snow to gazing at the stars in the deep night skies, Lambasingi packs a multitude of unique experiences. Also, the much-awaited cottages here would be all in readiness by November this year and look deemed to bolster the tribal hamlet’s reputation of one of the perfect getaways.

Where: Lambasingi

Distance from Vizag: 116 km

Smooth Sails

Cradled at the foothills of the Eastern Ghats is the beautiful freshwater lake of Kondakarla Ava. Surrounded by lush green hills and blanketed in a tranquil vibe, the pristine lake is a preferred destination for a wide variety of birds and other exotic species. Dugout boats, called the catamarans, which are run by the fishermen there are very popular. With boating amidst lotus flowers being a prime attraction here, the newly-introduced Jetties add a new dimension to this scenic spot.

Where : Kondakarla Ava

Distance from Vizag: 48 km

In deep seas

Go scuba diving into the deep blue waters near Chintapalli. Being hailed as one of the most suitable sites for diving in India, the seabed here plays host to a couple of historic shipwrecks that have been coming as the major attractions for divers from all over. In addition, the waters are also home to a vivid and vibrant aquatic species, including the critically endangered species of goliath grouper. With overnight stay provided at the cottages, this place is for one of the great weekend getaways.

Where: Chintapalli

Distance from Vizag: 70 km

The Un-crossable bridge

A structure that stands tall amid the waters of Bay of Bengal, Divis Bridge is one of the favoured spots for many. Clicking photos underneath the bridge while the gushing waves strike the pillars is a customary practice that can’t be missed. Be it for either kick-starting a day with the sun-kissed waters at the sunrise or bidding adieu to a tiring day at the sunset, the place offers a placid atmosphere to soak into.

Where: Ravada road

Distance from Vizag: 43 km

Splash of a time

From reliving your childhood’s jolly days to helping you beat the heat, a water park comes as quite an ideal choice for spending a memorable group outing. The Amaravati Water Park is facilitated with a spacious pool and a variety of water slides to treat you to some enjoyable thrills. Also, the water here is filtered regularly, thereby making it a worthy pit stop.

Where: Pendurthi

Distance from Vizag: 19 km

The Surge Show

After enduring a challenging trip amidst the lush green hills of Eastern Ghats, the euphony of cool, clean water gushing down from a steep height of 50 metres is what awaits you at this picturesque locale of Katiki waterfalls. Originating from the Gosthani river, the overwhelmingly beautiful waterfalls here offer you an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to splash into the pool formed below to relive your childish joys.

Where: Eastern Ghats

Distance from Vizag: 89 km

Out of the world

About a few hours away from the city, the still waters amid a stunning scenery exude an other worldly charm. One of the famed trekking spots around the city, the setting here is all an enthusiast could ask for. From savouring the sights of water streaming down the adjacent rocks to encountering a riveting adventure on the steep hills, head to this place for a long-lasting trekking experience.

Where: Deverapalli

Distance from Vizag: 54 km

Touch the sky

With a distinction of being the highest viewpoint in Visakhapatnam, Galikonda gives you spectacular views of the Easter Ghats. The place is also an ideal destination for the adventurous activities of Rappelling and Zummering, which offer exhilarating experiences on rocky hills.

Where: Gallikonda

Distance from Vizag: 93 km

Walk by the clouds

Located on the way to Araku valley is the refreshingly charming site of Ananthagiri. Be it for spending a holiday with your loved ones at the hill resort or being captivated by the arresting beauty of the local wateralls, this place comes as a suitable getaway from the busy lives of a. Ananthagiri is also a favourite camping spot for many to explore the undiscovered beauties.

Where: Ananthagiri

Distance from Vizag: 87 km

Sands and the sea

A part of the city’s prized possession of beaches, the Yarada beach is renowned for its exotic blend of golden sands and the thick green stretch of hills. Snuggled between the hills on all the three sides and the Bay of Bengal on another side, this beach is an ideal spot for your day out. You can also flee away to the nearby Dolphin Light House to celebrate the vantage views of the city.

Where: Yarada

Distance from Vizag: 19 km

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