Vizag’s First Public Botanical Garden Back on Track

Botanical Garden
Vizag's First Botanical Garden

Vizag’s first non-private tropical botanical garden was developed by the Department of Botany in Andhra University. The garden has been developed under the leadership of professors J Venkateswarulu, BS Rao and MOP Iyengar.

It was way back in 1946 that these professors had initiated the growth of plants in the department and sourced plants from north-coastal AP for rare specimens such as Red Sanders. After so many years, even today, the garden stands well preserved and splendorous.

Andhra University has always been a green haven, but now, they are beginning to incorporate ornamental plants that do not even belong to the sub-continent. The old botanical garden has managed to retain its charm though, with 40 species of tropical plants and trees.

The botanical garden in AU is the first truly public garden of such kind in the city because until then it was only private residences that had these exotic tropical plants. After Hudhud though, a lot of replanting had to be done due to the Red Sanders and Sweet Tamarind taking a beating. They had to be replanted again and the damage was an influential one. However, the botanical garden is reportedly back on track.

If you’re interested in checking out the garden, it stands in the courtyard area of the Botany Department – well preserved and green.

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