Fashion Trends that are here to stay to have us looking hot, hot and ready

fashion trends
fashion trends

There is a long list of what we loved among the fashion trends of 2017 but there are some that none of us in India or for us Vizag want to give up. For most of us here we have our local favourites and we give you a run up of the hottest trends that are here to stay. glam up and don your best for festival season is here to stay.

 Indian wear trends – Not just our heavy silks and trousseau for the upcoming wedding season but for the pre-festive shopping binge we have fashion trends of freshers hues. Think pastels and light colors for our humid weather such as minty green, subdued oranges, powder blue and son. Both for embellished as well as contemporary kurtas, kurta sets and lehenga cholis. For richer attire think bubbly champagne.

Cute pet prints – Love animals and pet them much, wear them on your sleeve literally. Painted, printed, worked dogs and cats can adorn our attire and we can carry them with elan. Personally loving this batch of fashion trends.

A sleeve style – Horrid weather and light winter, fashion trends are bringing up a fashionably cut sleeves trend. Long flowing sleeves are also in. So let not your sleeve fall back, ruffle it, lengthen it, chop it or cut it cool.

Asymmetric with lot’sa layers – We are suggesting going in for modern assymetric cuts with a layering of garments or fabrics. They suggest a fashionable quirk and character.

Boho buzz–  Be it your bag, your jacket, shrug or top think of adding a boho element to your outfit with fringes, tassels, prints and more. Up to date with fashion trends is what you will be. Right choice of grunge accesories in silver tone will add jazz to it.

Chest print slogans – Slogan tees and punk messages is our way of cool and we are never never going to give this up. It makes our style personal and we say what we want.

Deconstructed shirts – Raid your favourite man’s cupboard – dad, bae, brother. Give a twist to a staple androgynous outfit to show your personal style. Layer oversized with skinnies a la french ladies. Works for us too. Easy done. Easy worn.

Superhero t-shirts for men – Think of your favourite super hero and wear him on your self. The style for men’s fashion is always hot. Superman tees, Captain america hoodies and more of your favourite characters are a fashion trends must have.

Menswear trends – For tradional wear, men have the timeless style of the bandhgala or Nehru jackets that adds flair and a debonair outlook. Chose monochromes to keep it crisp and add watches and a hint of perfume to keep the alpha quotient on.


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