6 significant changes at Vizag’s Beach Road in last 10 years

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Stretching for about 32 kilometres along the coast of Vizag, Beach Road is truly special for the citizens. Snaking its way through Naval Coastal Battery, RK Beach, Chinna Waltair, Lawson’s Bay Colony, MVP Colony, Sagarnagar and Rushikonda, the road is a hub for a wide range of activities in the city of destiny. It houses many places of tourist interest and is a great crowd puller, especially on weekends. However, given the pedigree of Vizag as a tourist hub, the Beach Road has witnessed major changes take place in the last 10 years. Here are 6 of many such notable changes.

#1 Smarter Road

The transition from mercury lamps to LED was a spectacular change and made the beach road lights power efficient. These were further improved by fitting solar panels. Free WiFi and installation of smart poles are other notable facilities that came up at the Beach Road in recent times.

#4 Beach Beautification

The whole beach road was spruced up for the International Fleet Review 2016. High mast lights, greenery in the medians, wide footpaths were developed under the beautification drive. Continuing with the spree, the officials have brought forth many more additions in their effort to beautify the beach. The coconut trees, for example, have been liked by many. These have added to the landscape of the beach road and have made it even more picturesque. The All Abilities Park too, is another recent feature adding to the spot’s beauty. The Yoga Village too, has been enlightening the citizens with the knowledge of yoga and its benefits through its short term courses.

#3 The Health Hub

From making the Beach Road a no vehicle in the early morning to facilitate citizens to exercise in a pollution-free atmosphere to promoting non-motorised transport through bicycle stations, the area has been developed as a hub for health enthusiasts.

#4 TU-142 Aircraft museum

The aircraft museum is one of the best tourist places on the beach. This is because such museums are quite rare and also because it houses a souvenir shop and a simulator too.

#5 AU Convention Center

It was inaugurated in the year 2017 by the then Vice President of India, M Venkiah Naidu. Since then, it has hosted many important events such as convocations.

#6 Significant Events

Last but not least, the Beach Road has played host to a lot of events. The International Fleet Review 2016 was a game changer as it put Vizag on the global map. The Visakha Utsav too had great crowds. Apart from these, the Beach Road plays host to Navy Marathon and the Bay Marathon every year.

These are just 10 changes which have been highlighted here. There have been many more changes as well, like Keventers setting up shop on the Beach Road, the Hub for Youth near Rushikonda and the opening of the world’s first handicrafts hotel among others. Moreover, there are a lot of projects lined up too such as the LuLu Mall and Convention Center, the integrated Museum project and multi-level parking to name a few. But we shouldn’t forget that too much development can be detrimental to the environment and that development should also be done in other parts of the city where there is ample space available.

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