World’s first handicrafts hotel opens doors in Visakhapatnam

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The Palm Beach Hotel, a sister concern of LeSutra, Mumbai, opened the doors to its heritage wing, the Andhra Arts and Crafts Hotel in Visakhapatnam on Monday. The new wing, a ‘Microcosm of Andhra’ in itself, boasts around 70 sculptures and 50 art installations that weave in the narrative of Andhra’s arts and crafts within the passages, corridors and residential areas of the hotel, making it the world’s first handicrafts hotel.

Designed exclusively by Andhra national award-winning artisans, interior designers, craftsmen, and sculptors the property for the very first time has all its rooms themed on craft forms likeTholu Bommalata or leather shadow puppetry, Budithi brass work, Kalamkari pen art and Etikoppaka toys to create an evolved aesthetic expression encompassing the “Heart of Andhra”.

Sandeep Reddy, GM, Spokesperson, Andhra Art & Craft Hotel, said, “With the Andhra Arts and Crafts Hotel, our aim is to create the Heart of Andhra within Visakhapatnam and give our guests a curated experience of Andhra Pradesh. By purposefully using an assemblage of traditional and modern handicrafts in the interiors, the hotel not only pays tribute to the cultural heritage of one of India’s magnificent states but also preserves the legacy of its artisans. The Indian consumer today is well-informed and always on the lookout for new and unique experiences, be it leisure or a business trip. The Andhra Arts & Crafts Hotel serves as such a destination with its unique proposition.”

With the additional 24 boutique rooms, the property has joined the ranks of 50 art hotels the world over. And also, holds its uniqueness by being the only handicrafts hotel in the world.

Where: Palm Beach Hotel, Beach Road, Visakhapatnam

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