The citizens of Visakhapatnam express their safety concerns in the city

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There is grave concern among the public of Visakhapatnam regarding its safety and how exposed is it to danger. The idea of what was safe has taken a beating. Apartments with security guards or an independent house within the city, there is no place off limits for people with evil designs. Arms are available easily and goons are willing to be hired. There is a strong perspective of lurking danger and whispered conversations around town.
Security and surveillance devices are flying off the shelves and background checks of security staff are being revised. Police are doing everything that they can and there are prompt actions being taken. The threat is still felt for what can be done once the crime is perpetrated and many feel that CCTVs are perhaps better friends than many you know.
As plans are being made and technology deployed to keep home, office and outdoors safe, the question remains; ‘How far will it go?’

Here’s what some of the public of Visakhapatnam feel about the city’s safety.

Dwibhashyam Rajeswara Rao

Being a resident of Visakhapatnam since the past 57 years, I’ve always felt that this city has been relatively peaceful. But, however, with the growing prominence of Vizag, the crime rates seem to be on the rise. Tools such as CCTV are helping the police to some extent in catching the criminals. It’s imperative that these are installed in every apartment. Also, the labourers coming into the city from other states need to be thoroughly checked for their background. Apart from all these measures, the citizens also need to play their bit by co-operating with the police in whatever way possible.

Indu Ponnada

Being the mother of a 2-year-old kid, I really feel insecure to walk on the roads while carrying my child. Because of the chain snatchers or the rash drivers, the pedestrians’ safety is at stake. Increased installation of CCTVs in the city will not only bring the crime rate down but also make citizens feel much safer.

Dwarapureddy Sivaji

The city’s police have been doing a commendable job in safeguarding its citizens. Vizag is reasonably peaceful but there still remains a lot that needs to be done. Technologies such as CCTV and others need to be beefed up across the city. Also, unpleasant events such as prostitution and drug abuse that are finding their feet in the city need to be curtailed.

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