Visakhapatnam district Collector orders Multiplexes to sell food items at MRP

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Multiplexes charging higher amounts for food sold

We all have been pretty agitated at some point of time over the fact that many multiplex theatres charge high amounts for food items. Be it a soft drink, or a packaged food item, or even a water bottle, the multiplexes have been looting the customers by charging more than the specified MRP.

This, however, will seem to come under control under the new orders issued by the Visakhapatnam district’s collector. Mr. Pravin Kumar has directed the owners of all the multiplexes in the city that they should not sell food items at higher rates. The new rule, which will come into effect on October 30th, will make sure that the customers can buy the products at their specified MRPs.

A report in The Hindu quoted the district collector saying, “There was a huge difference between the prices being charged in the market and those being levied in the multiplexes.” He also added that charging higher rates in the name of ‘selected channel’ was not justifiable.

It has also been learned that the theatre owners have sought some time to discuss the issue with their management. The penalty for not following the rule has not been disclosed yet.

This move certainly does seem to lighten the load on a movie-goer’s pocket.

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