Lambasingi- Andhra’s best place to celebrate the cool weather

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The weather is cooler now and the best place to enjoy the coming weekend is nowhere else other than Lambasingi, short distance away from Visakhapatnam.

Situated at about a distance of 100 km from Visakhapatnam is a small village very calm and peaceful, blessed with exquisite natural beauty. This place sees the temperatures drop below 0 degree centigrade and is called as the ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’. It is our very own Lambasingi.

Located at an altitude of 1000 m from the sea level, Lambasingi also boasts the fact of being the only place in the Southern region of India where one can witness snowfall during the winters. Nestled beautifully in the greenery of the surrounding hills, this beautiful village gives many reasons why it just can’t be missed by any nature explorer.

Apart from the adventurous trekking and camping activities that it offers, Lambasingi can also be quite the place for many to embrace their solitude on its unperturbed, fog-covered roads. You can even make some treasured memories with your loved ones as you lie down on the vast grass beds and gaze into the infinite night sky filled with glittery constellations.

Coming to the local specialities, the coffee and pepper plantations of the place are world renowned and are even exported to other countries. Recently, the Regional Agricultural Research Centre (RARS) at Chintapalli has given encouraging news on the possibility of the cultivation of apples in the village. Also,the APTDC has recently announced that in the coming three months, it would be setting up resorts in Lambasingi for people to bask in it’s natural beauty. These will not only give us another reason to love this place but also add additional means of livelihood to the local people.

Come this weekend, and we can’t find a better place to visit along with our companions. Be it an adventurous road trip, getaway from Visakhapatnam along with our friends or a sweet journey in a van along with our family, this picturesque village is sure to give you a truckload of happy memories. Happy Weekend. Happy enjoying the cool weather.

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