Visakhapatnam IAS officer to spend just Rs 18,000 on son’s wedding

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Weddings these days aren’t just about heartful celebrations. Lavish weddings nowadays are more about the ostentatious display of wealth. In this scenario, there are also people who are trying to inspire others by staying minimal. One such a case is that of Visakhapatnam Metro Region Development Authority (VMRDA) Commissioner P Basanth Kumar, who has hit the news for his reportedly humble plans for his son’s wedding.

The Visakhapatnam Bureaucrat is a member of Radhasoami Satsang, which doesn’t encourage the tradition of big fat Indian weddings. Instead, the Satsang advocates community participation in weddings, according to which, both the bridegroom and bride families will have to bear the expenses of the wedding equally.

However, this is not the first time the Kumar has chosen to be simple. Earlier, he performed his daughter’s wedding with an expenditure of just Rs.16,100. Also, if reports are to be believed, Basanth Kumar got married in 1988 with an expenditure of just Rs.2,345.

The VMRDA Commissioner’s son, Abhinav Manas is getting married to Dr. Lavanya on 10 February at Dayal Nagar colony in Visakhapatnam. While speaking to The Hindu about the arrangements, Basanth Kumar shared that they invited limited guests of about 65 families from the bride’s side and 35 families from the groom’s side.

VMRDA Commissioner son’s wedding: A minimal affair

  • They are spending just Rs.5 on the wedding card.
  • The expenditure on sweets and snacks to the guests at various ceremonies will be Rs.8 per head, while the meals for the guests at the wedding and reception will be Rs.20 per head.
  • The amount paid for the priest who will solemnize the wedding will be Rs.1,000.

While the total expenditure on the wedding is estimated to be around Rs.36,000, both the families, will be sharing it equally.

It may be noted that earlier, Basanth Kumar served as a Joint Secretary to Governor ESL. Narasimhan, who is also expected the grace the wedding.

Talk about setting humble examples in an era where foreign pop stars are paid a bounty to perform at a Sangeet function.

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