The outdoor office story at the Visakhapatnam Container Terminal

The outdoor office story at Visakhapatnam Container Terminal

Right outside the Visakhapatnam Container Terminal, a heart warming tale of hard work and friendship unfolds. It takes the shape of a man who is often seen scurrying about the road with a checklist in his hand. K Jagadeeshwara Rao’s world revolves around gigantic export containers but he’s always up for a quick conversation.

“I have been working at the Visakhapatnam Container Terminal for 15 years now. I am a member of the Operations Team and my work happens at the gates and at the dock. I cannot spare a moment to even sit down, but then who has time these days. I’m happy to be busy.

My job is to make sure that all the containers arrive at the terminal on time. I need to be careful to follow the itinerary given to me and ensure that everything is in order according to my checklist. In my 12-hour work shift, I oversee around 100 such export containers every day. But, it never feels like work because I get to meet various people.

The drivers bring these containers from across the country. I check on each and every one of them before they enter the Visakhapatnam Container Terminal. They queue up on the road with their big trucks, and even after a long journey, the drivers are still patient with me. Yes, there are confusions and frustrations that come up from time to time, but I’ve learnt how to handle them. In fact, I manage to take out time to have a quick chat with these drivers. We talk about our families, cultures and problems and in fact, some have taught me their regional dialects too.

I can speak many languages fluently, because of these interactions. It livens up my day and feels like I’m catching up with old friends. Other than that, I also help tourists looking for directions and also guide daily wager workers who linger near the gates to the office. My work is stressful and I have little time to rest, but it is the joy of interaction with so many different people that gets me going and keeps me stress-free.”

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